The Botanical Gardens is not a flashy, commercial-looking garden.  You will not find the latest dahlia, nor will a mauve-colored lily demand your applause.  The subdued nature of our signage and structural components allow one to become aware of the magic happening here.  Within the many ecosystems that reflect the vast diversity of our mountains, the relationships of the plants, insects, birds and animals form the pulse that inspires the stroller, the explorer, the poet.

From a generous donation from a long-time member, we embarked on the journey of updating our website.  At the genesis of such a venture, many considerations arise as how to convey with words, colors, pictures, what we are about.  It came as a natural conclusion, then to start with this beautiful photograph by our Garden Manager, Jay Kranyik.  Look at the vast world comprised by such a small space!  It had all the colors we needed to set the tone for our site.  We hope you enjoy strolling through the new website, and our 10-acre garden.