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Bringing Groups

Bringing Groups

Please note: The Visitors Center is closed.  No restrooms or drinking water are available in the Gardens at this time.  Please plan accordingly.

This section is for any group or organization wishing to use our facilities for any reason. This includes:

  • Home School groups
  • Parent meet-up groups
  • Camps
  • Fundraising Races and Walks
  • Group Homes
  • Yoga groups
  • Schools
  • Tour groups
  • Organized naturalist walks
  • Etc.

The Botanical Gardens at Asheville is NOT a recreational park or a play park. Our Gardens are very fragile. Our staff is small, and our capacity is limited. We also may have special events planned on the day you want to visit.

  1. Any group wanting to visit the Gardens must get permission from our Office Administrator, Kaita Collier, before your visit (828) 252-5190 or email her here for permission to use the Gardens.
  2. Do not plan any event such as a fundraising walk through the Gardens without express written permission for our Executive Committee. Getting permission from UNCA is not the same as getting permission from The Botanical Gardens at Asheville.
  3. Review our Garden Rules.
  4. We encourage you to leave a donation to help us with the continued upkeep of this special place. We have a donation tube in front of the Visitor Center.
  5. Bringing children: Unfortunately, the majority of damage to our plant collection comes from under-supervised children. We are not a play park; rather, we’re a place where kids can learn about their native plant heritage and other aspects of natural history. For the well-being of our plant collection as well as your kids’ safety, we ask that you review our rules with your children upon arrival and monitor your children closely at all times during your visit. Large groups of children must be accompanied by one adult for every three children.

A note for organizations:

  • Any fundraisers will be limited to events which financially benefit the BGA and/or its affiliates.
  • A contract approved by the Executive Committee of the BGA and signed by a representative of the applicant organization and the president of the BGA shall be required before final consent is given for the event. Such contract shall clearly specify the conditions for use of the Gardens, including liability for damage to Gardens property. The Executive Committee reserves the right to determine the appropriateness for each event of conditions such as music, food, beverages, tents or canopies, signage, decorations and any equipment brought onto BGA grounds.