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NEW – Investigation Passports for Kids!

How are plants alike and different? Where do birds make their homes at The Botanical Gardens? How many food sources for wild animals can you find in the Gardens? And, where do you see insects at the Gardens?

Kids will be able to answer these questions and more when using our five new INVESTIGATION PASSPORTS, which focus on animals, birds, insects, nature words, and, of course, PLANTS! 

Each free Investigation Passport encourages kids to use their observation skills and senses while exploring the Gardens. The passports include investigation tips, pre-investigation and observation activities to be completed during a visit to the Gardens, and an extension activity which may be completed during a return visit or at home. Plus each passport has a fun take-home activity – word scramble, crossword puzzle, crossword chain, matching game, or word search. 

The passports are designed for kids, ages 4-10, who visit the Gardens. Passports may be picked up at our Visitor’s Center. Upon completion of the garden activities, kids should return to the Visitor’s Center before 4:00 p.m. to get their passports stamped and receive a washable tattoo. Families are invited to visit our Gift Shop for nature guides and activity books to supplement the passport investigations.

Just how many legs do insects have, and how many water sources for birds can you find during your visit?!?