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June Wildflower Spotlight: 
Indian Pink

Indian Pink, Spigelia marilandica

This beautiful native perennial wildflower performs best in a loose loamy well-drained acidic soil in sun to part shade.  It is a tender herb that grows up to two feet tall.  Each stem of Indian Pink may bear two to twelve colorful tubular flowers on a one-sided spike-like cyme, and the flowers open from bottom to top. The flowers are upward facing buds that open to show off the star-like creamy yellow throat.  Blooms are produced in large clusters.  This is a clump forming perennial that dies back in the winter and emerges in the spring.  Extracts of the root contains an alkaloid that has been used to get rid of intestinal parasites. Indian Pink is sometimes called Pink root, Carolina pink or Worm grass.   

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