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July Wildflower Spotlight: 

Monarda didyma 

Monarda is also known as Horsemint, Bergamot and Oswego. Monarda is a member of the mint family and the “fringed” flowers are actually clusters 
of long tubular red flowers. The flowers attract bees, hummingbirds and butterflies. It grows along spring banks and moist woods, likes full to partial sun, well-amended, well drained soil and flowers from July to late August. Native Americans used the plant to treat gun shot wounds, bee stings, headaches, to stimulate the heart and as a diaphoretic to sweat out flu and other acute infections. The leaves of the plant are traditionally used to make a strong mint flavored tea that is said to be good for restful sleep. The florets taste pineapple like and are great on salads. 

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