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March Wildflower Spotlight: 

Sanguinaria canadensis

Bloodroot is a rhizomatous native wildflower which blooms in early spring in rich woods and along stream banks.   These ever popular white wildflowers with their yellow centers are one of the first bloomers in spring. When the leaf first appears it is wrapped around the flower bud.  The flowers open up in sun but close at night and last  for a relatively short time  (1-2 days).   Leaves continue to grow in size after bloom, sometimes to as much as 9" across and remain attractive until mid to late summer when the plant goes dormant. 

Best massed in shaded areas of woodland, wildflower, native plant or rock gardens where the plants can be left alone and allowed to naturalize. 

Bloodroot got its name from the red-orange juice found in its stem and root. Native Americans used the root as a dye for baskets, clothing and body paint. Bloodroot has been prescribed for a myriad of medical conditions from skin cancers to sore throats by Native Americans, early settlers and herbalists.  

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