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 June Flora Spotlight:
Fringed Bleeding Heart

Fringed Bleeding Heart
Dicentra eximia

Long blooming, nodding, heart-shaped flowers and deeply cut, fern like, grey green foliage makes this an exceptionally desirable perennial plant. It blooms from first sign of warm weather until the frost kills it back in the fall. Bleeding heart will grow in full sun to partial shade in rocky, rich woods and on cliffs. It prefers soil that is organic, moist and well drained. In a rich habitat it will grow to 2 feet in height.

Fringed bleeding heart is a beautiful native plant that is enjoying great popularity. It mixes well with other shade loving natives such as columbine (Aquilegia canadensis), Jacobís ladder (Polemonium reptans), and bugbane (Cimicifuga racemosa). Hummingbirds love to feed on the flower nectar and it provides a great cover for small wildlife. Ants collect the seed from this plant as food, thus helping to propagate more plants. I planted a few small plants in my garden several years ago. It has spread and is a favorite all summer in my woodland garden..

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