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Garden Rules and Regulations

The Botanical Gardens at Asheville are open to the public, free of charge, from dawn to dusk 365 days a year.  Enjoy the Gardens, but leave them as you found them.  

As the Gardens contain many sensitive species and habitats, we ask that our visitors adhere to a few basic rules while visiting the gardens.

This is a botanical garden, not a park. As we have many  sensitive species and habitats, we ask that you closely follow a few basic rules while visiting the gardens.


  • No dogs or other pets allowed.

  • No bike riding- push or lock at bike rack.

  • Stay on established paths or lawn areas.

  • Do not climb trees.

  • Do not walk on rock walls.

  • No suspension hammocks/tight-ropes.

  • Sporting games and similar activities are not allowed--footballs, soccer balls, Frisbees, kites, etc. There are city parks for these activities.

  • No radio-controlled aircraft or drone use.

  • Picnics are fine; no grilling, stoves, fires, etc.

  • All species are protected--no picking or collecting of plants, berries, insects, animals, etc.

  • Access streams down official paths only.

  • All children must be closely supervised at all times to protect them and our plants.

We encourage:

  • Artistic pursuits: photography, painting, journaling, etc.

  • Nature study: botany, bird watching, etc.

  • Picnics: benches and tables are provided, or bring your own blanket.  Please remove all trash and place in containers near the Botany Center.

  • Exercise: strolling and jogging on established paths.

The Gardens are a community resource but we suggest that organizations that wish to use our facilities review our policies governing use of our indoor and outdoor spaces.

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